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Welcome to our awards page. It is the dream of most software companies to be featured in a magazine or two. With Rizonesoft, the support is amazing, and getting our software featured in magazines is a dream come true. Please contact us if you find our software in a magazine or mentioned on a popular website. Below are some of the magazines we found our software featured in.

WebUser Issue 439

WebUser is a fortnightly magazine originally published by IPC Media in Britain. Since 2010 it is owned by Dennis Publishing. Launched in March 2001, the magazine covers topics relating to Internet and computing. Like, internet news, website reviews and features on web-related topics. In addition, it features product reviews, free software, free apps, step-by-step workshops, and tips for using computer software, hardware, and websites.

Webuser issue 439

It seems like Complete Internet Repair is the most popular program by far. This was proven when the WebUser magazine featured it in the 28 December 2017 – 9 January 2018 on page 28.

WebUser Page 28 Excerpt

Read below what the WebUser magazine had to say about Complete Internet Repair. We certainly could not ask for a better review.

With all the web-connected devices we own, we’re now more reliant than ever on having uninterrupted internet access, so losing our connection is a real pain. Internet problems can be tricky to troubleshoot because you can’t always be sure whether the source of your woes is at your end or your ISP’s.

Complete Internet Repair helps you fix problems with your PC network. As the publisher is at pains to point out, it can’t repair hardware faults or get your ISP up and running, but that should go without saying.

When you launch the application it presents you with a list of available fixes. These include ‘Reset Internet Protocols (TCP/IP)’, ‘Renew Connections’, ‘Flush DNS Resolver Cache’, and ‘Reset Windows Firewall Configuration’.

The program warns you that you should “Never fix something that is not broken”, which is sage advice. If you’re not sure what particular fix does, clicking the ‘i’ button next to i provides you with an explanation. Be careful where you click though, because the info button is right next to the arrow button, which starts a repair running. You can use the tick boxes to select multiple fixes and apply them all at once.

This latest version of Complete Internet Repair had a bit of a makeover, and the code has been optimized for improved performance. Some of the options are now in different places, and the developer have made a number of improvements throughout.

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