Cloning a Repository from GitHub

Before you start, you need to create an account on GitHub and download GitHub Desktop. Follow the steps below to clone a repository from GitHub.

Clone or Download a Repository

1) Sign in to GitHub and GitHub Desktop before you start to clone.

If you do not have a GitHub account, register for a free account first.

2) On GitHub, navigate to the main page of the repository.

In this example, we will be working with the Complete Internet Repair repository.

3) Under your repository name, click Clone or download.

Click Open in Desktop to clone the repository and open it in GitHub Desktop. Or click Download ZIP to download a compressed version of the repository.

Github clone repository

4) Click Choose… and navigate to a local path where you want to clone the repository.

If the repository is compatible with Rizonesoft SDK, the best location to clone to would be the Concrete directory. This will enable you to use our Build Environment to build and distribute a release.

Github clone repository

5) Click Clone to start

When cloning finished, the source code should magically appear in the location you specified while cloning the repository.


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