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  1. Will Notepad3 ever have a tabbed multiple document interface?

Will Notepad3 ever have a tabbed multiple document interface?

We prefer the true Notepad-like single document interface for our daily work with small scripts and files. As this is by far the most frequently asked question, here’s a few more arguments to confirm my (of course subjective) point of view:

  • The window manager of my operating system already provides a nice taskbar, where open windows are grouped together and displayed with a nice icon.
  • When working with several applications at the same time, any document can be accessed with Alt+Tab (or from the taskbar), this is not possible with multiple document applications (use Alt+Tab first, then Ctrl+Tab or similar to find the document inside the application; moreover not all opened documents are visible in the taskbar).
  • Recent versions of Windows provide taskbar thumbnail previews for grouped icons. Like this, it’s very easy to navigate between multiple documents. Not sure if there’s a light-weight method to achieve this for tabbed applications (however, Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7 supports this).
  • Notepad3 can be used on multiple monitors or across multiple virtual desktops, this is not possible either with a multiple document interface.
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