Language File Directory Structure

Rizonesoft language files are located in the Language directory under the corresponding program’s short-name (normally the same name as the executable) directory. For example Complete Internet Repair’s language files are located in the root (same place as the executable file) under Language\ComIntRep. The translate repository follows the same structure.

Language Files Directory Structure

Translation files directory structure

To make life easier, below is a list of translatable programs, with the applicable language file locations. You must follow the same structure when creating your language file, otherwise will not detect it.

Program Language Files
Complete Internet Repair Language\ComIntRep

Naming Language Files

When it came down to naming our language files, we adopted the ISO 3166 Alpha-2 country codes naming convention. For example, the country code for English is en, so we named the English language file, en.ini. Click here for a list of supported languages and their ISO codes.

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