Carbon CD

Utilize Carbon CD to create backup copies of your music or data CDs. Effortlessly clone most CDs with just a few mouse clicks, producing perfect 1:1 duplicates or saving them to your computer. If you have experience with Clone CD from Elaborate Bytes, using Carbon CD will be comfortable and intuitive.

Carbon CD is derived from the CD Manipulator code developed by Y. Kanechika. Initially, in Japanese, it now supports English by default. I enhanced the project by transitioning from Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2022, streamlining the code, updating graphics, incorporating skinning, refining dialog boxes, and addressing all identifiable bugs. Please inform me of any additional issues discovered.

Carbon CD 103 Screen

General Features

  • Create 1:1 copies onto CD-Rs and CD-RWs.
  • Supported formats: ISO, IMG, CUE, CCD, CDM
  • Does not require an ASPI driver.
  • Show Drive capabilities.
  • MSF Calculator.
  • Erase CD-RW media.
  • CD and Image File mastering.
  • Rip audio tracks.
  • Copy Protect CDs.

Reading Features

  • Copies CDs in Single-Session mode or Multi-Session (RAW) mode.
  • Analyze pregap.
  • Analyze subcode.
  • Ignore read errors.
  • Fast error skip.
  • Intelligent bad sector scanner.
  • Swap audio channels.

Writing Features

  • Perform Optimum Power Calibration.
  • Buffer-Underrun Protection.

Download Carbon CD

Portable version 1.0.8 (1.41 MB)

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