If you are a Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1 user then you will know all about file ownership and permissions related issues.

These effected Windows versions has implemented an additional security mechanism to prevent accidental or intentional file or folder modification by not allowing users other than the owner of the file or folder to access it. Henceforth if you need to access, modify or delete such files or folders you need to take ownership first then assign rights or permission to respective users.

Taking ownership of files or folders is not a simple task. Whether you use the GUI or the command line, it takes far too many steps to take ownership of files or folders. Rizonesoft Ownership will add a “Take Ownership” option under the Explorer right-click menu that will handle all the steps for you. This menu option is used to modify the Discretionary Access Control lists (DACLs). Simply put, it unlocks or gets ownership of a file or folder.

After you have taken ownership of the item, you may still need to allow your user account Full Control of the item before you will have permission to access, modify, or delete it.

Using Ownership

The most difficult part of using Rizonesoft Ownership is extracting the archive. When you are ready to use it, simply click on Ownership.exe.

To install the Take Ownership right-click menu option (shell extension), click on the Install button on the Rizonesoft Ownership main window.

When installing the Take Ownership menu option with a pause, the Take Ownership command will run and on completion show some information and the Press any key to continue . . . prompt. This will give you more control over the Take Ownership process.

To install the Take Ownership option with a Pause, please select the Install with Pause checkbox.

When you start Rizonesoft Ownership for the first time and you only see the Uninstall button, you will need to uninstall the “Take Ownership” option before installing it. This will remove any old Take Ownership registry hacks.

To uninstall the Take Ownership right-click menu option, click on the Uninstall button on the Rizonesoft Ownership main window.

Installing Ownership

Rizonesoft Ownership is natively portable, this means that you can carry it around on a USB flash disk and use it without settings being written to Windows, except the Take Ownership registry entries of course. To use Rizonesoft Ownership from a memory stick; you need to copy the Ownership folder to the memory stick. Run the Ownership.exe to install the Take Ownership shell extension on any Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 computer.

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Requirements 7, 8 / 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit)
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