Scholar: PDF Viewer and Converted

Scholar, part of the esteemed Rizonesoft Office suite, embodies a sophisticated PDF viewer and converter designed to cater to the discerning needs of professionals and academics. With its sleek, intuitive interface coupled with robust features, Scholar offers an optimized platform for engaging with a diverse array of documents. Beyond merely viewing PDFs, Scholar excels in document conversion, utilizing advanced algorithms to retain the original layout, images, and text. Its distinguished PDF-to-Word conversion functionality re-creates Word (Verbum) documents with exceptional fidelity, rendering fully editable files while preserving the integrity of the original PDF.

Key Viewer Features

  • Search Document Content: Harness the power of advanced search functionality to swiftly locate specific words, phrases, or character sets within a document. Whether navigating through extensive academic papers or intricate legal contracts, the search feature amplifies your ability to pinpoint the information you require.
  • Copy Document Content: Effortlessly select and copy both text and images directly from the PDF to your Clipboard. This feature is devised to simplify the extraction of valuable information from documents for utilization in other applications or further analysis.
  • Bookmarks (Outlines): Navigate swiftly through your documents using Scholar’s bookmarking feature. Ideal for extensive or complex files, bookmarks enable you to jump to specific sections or chapters, enhancing your document interaction experience.
  • Annotations and Markup: Embrace robust annotation capabilities with Scholar. Create, edit, or remove text annotations such as sticky notes, or utilize text markup features like highlighting. Additionally, engage in collaborative review processes with comments and reviews directly associated with your annotations.
  • Fill Interactive Forms: Engage with fillable forms directly within the PDF. Scholar facilitates entering or selecting values in form fields, simplifying the completion of surveys, application forms, or questionnaires.
  • Export and Import of Interactive Form Data: Scholar supports the export and import of AcroForm data, enabling you to manage and share form data flexibly in various formats including FDF, XFDF, XML, and TXT.

PDF Converter Features

Scholar exemplifies versatility in converting any PDF document to a wide range of file formats including Word, Excel, Images, and more. By employing cutting-edge conversion algorithms, it assures high-fidelity translations of your documents, preserving the original layout, text, and images, thereby providing a reliable and professional solution for all your document conversion needs.

Convert PDF to Word

Uncover a new realm of document conversion with Scholar’s PDF to Word feature. Engineered to produce editable Word documents with remarkable accuracy, this feature retains all formatting elements including paragraphs, columns, tables, images, and page breaks. Experience a seamless transition from PDF to Word, and enjoy the ease of editing and further document manipulation.

Convert PDF to Excel

Scholar’s PDF to Excel conversion offers a robust and reliable solution for translating table-rich PDFs into editable Excel spreadsheets without compromising the precision or integrity of the original data. Even in the face of complex layouts or invisible borders within tables, Scholar accurately extracts tabular data and transposes it into a well-organized Excel spreadsheet, revolutionizing your data processing workflow.

Convert PDF to Image

Scholar extends its conversion prowess to rasterizing PDF documents into various image formats such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more, offering actionable properties to customize the conversion process to your liking.

Convert PDF to HTML

Transition your PDFs to HTML5 format effortlessly with Scholar, adhering to the highest standards of web compatibility and performance, ensuring a streamlined and secure conversion process.

Convert PDF to XML

Harness the capability of Scholar to convert PDF documents to XML format, facilitating data extraction and further processing, providing a bridge for efficient data management and interchange.

Convert PDF to Text

Unleash the potential of text extraction with Scholar’s PDF to Text conversion feature. This tool provides a streamlined avenue for extracting textual content from PDF documents into plain text format, facilitating text analysis, data mining, or content repurposing. The robust conversion algorithm ensures the preservation of original text formatting, offering a reliable solution for accurate and efficient text extraction from complex PDF documents.


Scholar, as part of the Rizonesoft Office suite, emerges as a quintessential tool for professional document management. With its exemplary PDF to Word conversion alongside other robust conversion features, it empowers users to transcend traditional document interaction boundaries. We invite you to explore Scholar and experience a realm of document conversion and management that is as efficient as it is professional.

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