Fix Network Computers not Visible in File Explorer

It seems that with every new Windows 10 release comes a new set of bugs, and version 1803 is no exception. Many Windows 10 users experience network computers not showing up when browsing a network.

Basically, this issue is caused by the Function Discovery Resource Publication service not running by default. In other words, somebody broke something. Fortunately, the solution is to simple enough, but first a small introduction to this crucial service.

The Function Discovery Resource Publication service publishes a computer and its attached resources so they can be discovered over a network. If this service is stopped, network resources will no longer be published and they will not be discovered by other computers on a network.

Method 1

Follow the steps below to configure and start the Function Discovery Resource Publication service.

  • 1) – Press Win + R or Right click on the Start button and choose Run to open the Run dialog.
  • 2) – Type services.msc in the Run box and hit the Enter key.

  • 3) – In the Services window, scroll down to the Function Discovery Resource Publication service.

Function discovery resource publication

  • 4) – Double-click it to open its properties and set its startup type to Automatic.

  • 5) – Finally, start the service and press OK.

We prepared a quick video to show you the method above:

Method 2

Complete Internet Repair has the ability to make network computers visible again.

Make network computers visible with complete internet repair

  • 3) Click the Go! button and your done.

All Network Computers should now be visible in File Explorer.


I am not one to say whether removing the HomeGroup feature was a good idea or not, but I am kind of glad it’s gone. That said, many Windows 10 users will miss the simplicity. However, it also had its own issues that will not be missed.

Thank you for reading and I hope the article was useful enough. Feel free to leave a comment if I missed something or if you do not agree.


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