Google Search tricks everyone should know

Everyone knows the Google Search Engine. It is only used for finding web pages on a specific topic, right? Wrong, there are many Google Search Tricks or Hacks that allows you to do much more than just search the web, do homework and assignments.

I have prepared a list of the best Google Search Tricks that will open your mind to a world of endless possibilities. Learn how to also use Google for fun, get more refined searches and other cool stuff.

Calculate Dinner Tip

As far as Google Search Tricks go, this one is the most useful. When having dinner at your favourite restaurant, it is important to know what tip you should leave after. With this trick, you can quickly calculate the tip you should leave after dinner.

To start the Tip Calculator, type tip calculator in the Google Search box and press Enter. Using the Tip Calculator is straight forward. In the Bill box, enter the total bill amount. Then, in the Tip % box, select the tip percentage and finally, if the bill will be shared between a number of people, in the Number of People box, select the number of people sharing the bill.

Google tip calculated
Google Tip Calculator in action

When all required information is entered, the Google Tip Calculator will display the Tip and Total amount you should pay. It will divide these amounts between the people sharing the bill as specified. Please note, it seems like there is no way to change the currency of this Tip Calculator.

Currency Converter

This is one of the Google Search Tricks I use the most. To quickly convert between currencies, in the Google Search box, type the amount you want to convert, followed by the currency code, then to, and again followed by the currency code you want to convert to. For example, to convert from 25 Dollars to Rand, type 25 USD to ZAR in the search box and press Enter.

If you are unsure about the currency codes to use, simply type currency converter in the search box and press Enter to open the Google Currency Converter.

Google currency converter
Google Currency Converter in action


Boiling eggs? Want to perform a task in a certain time frame? Quickly set a timer in Google. Just type set timer followed by the time span you want in the Google Search box. For example, to set a timer for 10 minutes, simply type set timer 10 minutes in the search box and press Enter.

Google set timer
Google Timer in action

Exact Sunset and Sunrise time

From all the Google Search Tricks this is the one you will use the least. Google can tell you the exact Sunset or Sunrise times. To see the exact Sunrise time, simply type sunrise followed by your country in the Google Search box. Or, to see the exact Sunset time, type sunset followed by your country in the search box.

For example, to see the exact sunrise time in South Africa, type sunrise South Africa in the search box. Furthermore, you are not limited to your country or even limited to a country. For example, to see the exact sunrise for a specific city, type sunrise followed by the city and then followed by the country. Like, sunrise Johannesburg South Africa.

Exact sunrise in johannesburg south africa
Get exact Sunrise or Sunset time from Google

Get the Definition of a Word

Looking to define a particular word? Simply type define followed by the word you want to define in the Google Search box and press Enter. For example, type define programming to get the definition of programming.

Get definition of a word
Get the Definition of a particular Word

Furthermore, you can click on the Translations, word-origin, and more definitions link to quickly translate the word or view the origin and extended definitions of the specified word.

Google Calculator

The humble Calculator needs no introduction. Performing calculation straight in Google is one of the most useful Google Search Tricks available. To open the Google Calculator, type calculator in the Google Search box and press Enter. Also, perform quick calculations, by typing the calculation straight into the search box. For example, to get the square root of 888, type sqrt(888) in the search box and press Enter.

Google calculator
Google Calculator in action

Get the Weather

To get the weather in a city, simply type weather followed by the city name in the Google Search box and press Enter. For example, weather Johannesburg. To further improve your search, try adding the country behind the city. Like, weather Johannesburg South Africa.

Johannesburg weather in google
Google Weather in action

Search within a Particular Website

The next few sections are all about refining your search. These are the oldest Google Search Engine Tricks, and some would consider them more important than the previously mentioned ones. Because of the huge amount of information available on Google, it is important that you learn how to refine your searches to find what you are looking for.

You can limit your search to a specific website in Google by typing site: followed by the website’s URL you want to search and then the term you want to search for in the Google Search box. For example, to find all pages related to Complete Internet Repair on Rizonesoft, type Complete Internet Repair in the search box and press Enter.

Search within a particular website using google
Search for all pages related to Complete Internet Repair on Rizonesoft

This trick is especially useful when a website does not have its own built-in Search Engine, but you need to find something specific to that website.

Search by File Type

Also, to search for a specific file type, simply type filetype: followed by the type of file and then the search term in the Google Search box. For example, type filetype:PDF Windows 10 Guide in the search box and press Enter, to find all the PDF Documents (Books) related to Windows 10.

Go to File types indexable by Google to find out more about the file types you can search for.

Google search for file types
Search for Specific File Type in Google

Find Songs by Your Favorite Artist or Band

Also, to quickly find songs by your favourite artist or band, just type Songs by followed by your favourite artist’s name in the Google Search box and press Enter. For example, type Songs by Linkin Park in the search box to view an extensive list of songs by Linkin Park. Click on a song to go to the respective song’s YouTube link.

Google search songs by linkin park
Search for Songs by Linkin Park in Google

Find Movies

Apart from finding songs by an artist, you can also find specific movies using various filters. For example, type movies with, followed by your favourite actor into the Google Search box and press Enter. Like, movies with Keanu Reeves to display a list of all the movies starring Keanu Reeves.

Also, type movies followed by a genre, for example, Action or year. The genre and year can also be used together. For example, type movies action 2017 in the search box to get a list of the most popular action movies released and due for release in 2017.

Action movies 2017 on google
Action Movies 2017 on Google


You can play Pac-Man on Google. It is a mini version of the game and was originally an animated logo for the game’s 30th anniversary on May 22, 2010. From all the Google Search Tricks, this one is my favourite. To start Pac-Man in Google, type Pacman in the search box, press Enter and click on Click to Play.

Google pac-man
Google Pac Man


Hope you enjoyed reading it. There are some Google Search Tricks I left out, but if you feel like I should add something or if you know about a trick that I missed, leave a comment describing the trick. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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