Microsoft’s Windows 11 Backup Time Machine-Inspired App, Only a Mere 14 Years Late!

Finally, a Time Machine for Windows 11, Better Late Than Never, Right?

Microsoft has finally unveiled a preview version of the Windows 11 Backup app, a dedicated solution for creating comprehensive backups of user data, settings, and apps. This new app is clearly inspired by Apple’s Time Machine, which has been an integral part of macOS since 2007. While it might have taken Microsoft 14 years to catch up, the new app promises to simplify the restoration process and make it easier for users to move their settings and data to a new Windows computer.

A computer with a clock on it with fire and smoke coming out of it representing the new windows 11 backup app.

The Windows 11 Backup app is part of the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23466 release and aims to provide users with a more streamlined backup process than the current system restore program. By capturing installed apps, documents, photos, files, passwords, and settings, Microsoft is hoping to offer a seamless experience for users who need to restore their system or migrate to a new device.

One notable limitation, however, is that the current version of the app only offers cloud storage backups through Microsoft’s OneDrive service. With just 5 GB of free storage provided, users may find themselves needing to upgrade to a paid subscription to adequately back up their data. On the other hand, this new app could be the start of something great, as Microsoft continues to work on refining and improving its backup capabilities.

A screenshot of the windows 11 backup app (a computer screen with the text let's back up your).
The Windows 11 Backup app Image courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Backup App – Closing the 14-Year Gap with macOS Time Machine

For over a decade, Apple has offered macOS users an effortless way to back up and restore their data using Time Machine. Meanwhile, Windows users were left navigating a less-than-ideal system restore process that often resulted in lost data or settings. With the introduction of the Windows 11 Backup app, Microsoft is finally closing that 14-year gap, providing Windows users with a comparable solution to Apple’s Time Machine.

While this new app is still in its early stages, it already shows significant promise. By allowing users to create holistic backups of their system, including apps, documents, photos, files, passwords, and settings, it has the potential to greatly reduce the frustration associated with reformatting or migrating to a new device.

However, there are still some areas where the Windows 11 Backup app falls short of Time Machine. For instance, the app currently does not support automatic re-installation of apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, a feature that would undoubtedly be welcomed by many users. Additionally, the lack of a local save option may be a dealbreaker for users with limited or no access to high-speed internet connections.

A screenshot of the windows 11 backup app (a web page with a picture of a woman's face).
Welcome back screen showing PC restoring from backup Image courtesy of Microsoft

Is the new Windows 11 Backup Microsoft’s Attempt to Emulate macOS Time Machine?

Despite the 14-year delay, Microsoft’s entry into the comprehensive backup arena is a welcome development for Windows users. The Windows 11 Backup app, with its Time Machine-inspired approach, may finally provide Windows users with the seamless experience they have long desired.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the app is still in its early stages and may not yet offer all the features users would like to see. As Microsoft continues to refine its backup capabilities, there’s great potential for this app to become a game-changer for Windows users in terms of backup and restoration.

For now, the Windows 11 Backup app remains a promising start, and with further development, it may soon become an indispensable tool for Windows users looking to protect their data and ensure a seamless transition to new devices. While it may have taken Microsoft 14 years to deliver, the Windows 11 Backup app is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, finally giving Windows users a backup solution that rivals Apple’s Time Machine.

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