In essence, Resolute serves as a comprehensive assembly of system utilities paired with an extensive range of Windows shortcuts, meticulously designed to simplify and optimize the workflow of computer technicians. Drawing from my own experiences in the early stages of my career as a technician, Resolute is the utility suite I wish I had had at my disposal. Not only does it amalgamate all of the tools developed by Rizonesoft, but it also features an abundant selection of shortcuts that grant immediate access to hidden or otherwise hard-to-reach functionalities within the Windows operating system.

This robust compilation aims to streamline a technician’s day-to-day activities, equipping them with a toolkit that encompasses everything from system diagnostics to performance optimization. By consolidating Rizonesoft’s top-notch utilities and an array of specialized Windows shortcuts, Resolute emerges as an invaluable resource for professionals striving for efficiency and efficacy in their technical endeavors.

Utilities within Resolute

Download Resolute

Version Alpha 2 (82.38 MB)

Resolute_23.2.0.853_Setup.exe (4078 downloads )


Rizonesoft Resolute is currently in its alpha stage. As an alpha release, it is important to note that there may be a lot of bugs and missing features.

Feedback & Support

Your insights mold our journey. The resonance of your feedback shapes our updates, and we invite you to perpetuate this dialogue. Should you come across any challenges or bear suggestions, we welcome you to articulate them on our GitHub issues page.

Resolute Roadmap

Understanding the magnitude and complexity of this project, we have strategically planned our development phases to stretch across a period of three years. Below is an outline of the key milestones that we anticipate reaching in the coming years:

  • As of now, Resolute is in its Alpha stage. During this initial phase, we are focusing on core development, feature integration, and initial testing.
  • We plan to transition Resolute into its Beta stage by late 2023. This phase will include more rigorous testing, expanded feature sets, and performance optimization.
  • Looking ahead, our goal is to commence the Release Candidate (RC) phase by late 2025. During the RC phase, we will concentrate on bug fixing, polishing user interfaces, and fine-tuning performance metrics.
  • Our full, official release is slated for early 2026. This release will mark the culmination of years of dedicated research, development, and testing. At this juncture, Resolute will be a matured, fully-featured product.

By sharing this development roadmap, we aim to provide full transparency and also to engage with our user community every step of the way. We believe that this extended timeline will allow us to deliver a product that is not just innovative but also thoroughly reliable and user-friendly.

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